Department of Computer Science
University of Rochester
Email: bearzx AT gmail DOT com

I was am a Ph.D. student candidate working on programming environments using webpages as substrates. I worked with Philip Guo to turn this idea into interactive systems.

I have graduated! Now I work on counting user interactions at a tech company. What does it mean? Basically, when you scroll screen, I +1 to my counter.

The counting has ended! I'm still in the same tech company, but now work on developing the ecosystem of a popular machine learning framework.

Selected Projects


Turn the Web into a Contextualized Prototyping Environment for Machine Learning. Xiong Zhang and Philip J. Guo. UIST 2019.


Turn Any Webpage into an Example-Centric Live Programming Environment for Learning Data Science.Xiong Zhang and Philip J. Guo. UIST 2017.
"Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, 2019"
Photo credit: Stacy❤Xu
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