"Me at MSRA office, Beijing, 2013"


Master Student
School of Computer Science
Harbin Institue of Technology
Email: bearzx AT gmail DOT com

I am a graduate student in School of Computer Science at Harbin Institute of Technology, co-advised by Frank Soong and Haifeng Li.

Now I am working as a full-time intern in Speech Group of Microsoft Research Asia, co-advised by Frank Soong and Lijuan Wang. My research focus is Offline Handwriting Recognition using sequential modelling techniques, like Hidden Markov Model & Recurrennt Neural Network. I have also worked on Audio Visual Speech Recognition project in MSRA when I was an undergraduate student in HIT.

Except research related with speech and handwriting recognition, I am also very interested in Human Computer Interaction and Data Visualization. I have worked several times with HCI guys of MSRA, in their user studies.

As a "so-called" geek, I love all kinds of programming and hacking. One of my goals is to be "a programmer who knows the theories".

I am also a big fan of MOOC. Thanks to Coursera, I have taken many courses in different fields, given by the best professors in the world. Check out my Coursera Profile.

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